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Handan Bus Operation Record: New Energy Vehicles All Use LTO Battery

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Date:2017-06-30  Article Source:

With the increase of haze, the city bus is developing with the concept of fast, convenient, safe, environmentally friendly, "green bus" becomes inevitable, the new energy bus has become the first choice for the development of urban public transport. In recent years, many areas are constantly increasing investment in new energy buses, Hebei Handan Public Transport Corporation (referred to as: Handan bus) work out of a new energy development way on their own, and has entered virtuous circle, affecting the entire industry.

Handan bus purchased 1000 Yinlong new energy buses with LTO batteries, realizing the coverage of main urban area in Handan, accounting the first in China. On January 6th, 2017, Chinabuses.com has been to Handan, Hebei to understand the actual usage condition of new energy vehicles for Handan Bus.

New Energy Vehicles, We Only Choose Yinlong

Xu Shixin, division head of Technology Department of Handan Bus introduced: "on October 18th, 2013, Handan bus started to use the first batch of 20 Yinlong new energy buses with LFP battery. It was found that the range of LFP battery in the North during winter is attenuated severely, and the battery life and safety do not match with the bus requirements; in 2014, through technical certification and recommendation, Handan Bus has selected 200 Yinlong new energy vehicles with LTO batteries and found that LTO battery is better than LFP battery regarding safety and fast charge performance, so Handan Bus purchased 800 Yinlong new energy buses in 2015 once again. Currently, Handan Bus has 1000 new energy buses of Yinlong brand, for the reason that new energy buses in other bands mainly use LFP battery and they preferred to LTO battery after thoughtful consideration.


Xu Shixin, division head of Technology Department of Handan Bus

Xu Shixin told journalist, Handan bus have 8.5 meters, 10.5 meters and 12 meters new energy bus. As for fast charge, 8.5 meters bus takes 6 minutes in summer, 8 minutes in winter; 10.5 meters bus takes around 10 minutes, 12 meters bus takes around 11 minutes. The charging time depends on the different situation of air conditioning and heating power, but no more than 12 minutes. The bus usually run at 5-8 minutes intervals, so only fast charge can meet the operational needs

"If uses LFP battery, it takes two and a half hours for charging, it needs two drivers with three vehicles to run. In that case we need more vehicles, more venues and more charging time. We use LTO battery bus to save the space, the cost of manpower and material. "Xu Shixin said.

Good operation with low maintenance costs

"At present, the new energy buses with LTO battery operate well, there is no situation like battery attenuation or replacement." Xu Shixin said. In terms of driving mileage, Yin Long equipped with the appropriate capacity of the battery according to bus route. The longest bus route (round trip) in Handan is 40-50 km, LTO battery can be charged once for a round trip.

Xu shixin also introduces the layout of charging stations in Handan. He said that Handan buses have more than 100 charging piles current, and built 13 bus charging stations in each terminal. There are 10 charging piles in this charging station, which can meet the charging request..


Zhang rongju, the driver of the Handan no. 46 bus

In order to objectively understand the vehicle operation, the Chinese buses reporter also interviewed the driver of Handan No. 46 bus, Zhang Rongju. She drove the Yinlong buses with LTO battery since December 2015 and it is already 1 year without any safety issue.

Zhang Rongju introduced, "No. 46 bus is an important bus line through the main city zone of Handan, from the high-speed railway station to the train station, going through the important stations like Kant mall, 1st hospital of Handan and so on. It takes 90-120 minutes to run a round trip with one time charging. Talking about the driving feelings, Zhang rongju expresses that compared to the traditional bus, the electric bus has no pollution and more safety. Yinlong bus drives easily with the automatic catch. The driver and the passengers feel very comfortable while the air conditioning and heating system equiped. "

In addition, the Chinese buses reporter consulted the economy difference between new energy bus and the traditional fuel bus with Xu Shixin. He replied that, at present, compared with the traditional fuel bus, Yinlong new energy vehicles operating costs is of only about one-tenth of the traditional fuel bus, and has great advantage on maintenance costs.

A lot of advantages, the LTO battery is the best

He explained: "main advantages of the new energy vehicles with LTO battery is the low maintenance costs and operating subsidies. As for the maintenance, it has a significant advantage compared with the traditional bus. The new energy vehicles use motor, motor controller and the battery with 10 years guarantee (referred to as "EIC") instead of traditional engine, so there will be no charge for EIC maintenance within 10 years. It is low cost for daily repair, such as brakes or lights, and the daily maintenance doesn't require much cost. The company also adopts 7-24 after service, the manufacturer directly deal with simple issue on site. Overall, the annual maintenance fee for Yinlong new energy vehicle is only one fifth of the traditional bus.


Handan bus operating Yinlong new energy bus

"In terms of operating subsidies, the national policies encourage the use of new energy buses. The traditional buses and gas vehicles doesn’t have subsidies. But for the new energy bus, it has a subsidy of 60000 RMB for 8.5 meters bus and 80000 RMB for 10 meters bus, it is the advantage." "At the same time, one of the main reasons for the use of Yinlong new energy bus with LTO battery is its high safety. The bus industry is more people-oriented, the safety of human life is much more important than anything, till now there is no safety accidents in buses with LTO battery.

The LTO battery has low energy density, resulting in a larger bulk and occupying more bus space, but Xu Shixin does not worry about this. He said: "the buses with LTO battery can rely on fast-charge advantage to minimize the volume of the battery while ensuring the range. Along with technical upgrade, LTO battery’s density , fast charge technology and safety performance will be better.



Handan bus operating Yinlong new energy bus

When talking about the developing direction of new energy buses, Xu Shixin said: "driving mileage has been the focus of new energy bus research, new energy bus should be better in the operating costs, energy saving and environmental protection aspect than traditional bus, and should be as comfortable as the tradition bus. The LTO battery is superior to other batteries, its fast charge and safety are more suitable for the bus. Handan is one of the thick haze areas in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, in the future, Handan bus plan to replace the rest of main city area with new energy vehicles, making a contribution to air pollution.

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