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R & D Center built by Yinlong Energy and Wuhan University of technology

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Date:2020-08-06  Article Source:

On June 11th, The Zhuhai headquarters of Yinlong Energy held the signing ceremony of university-enterprise research and development center between Yinlong Energy and Wuhan University of Technology, that is the opening ceremony between Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile and Wuhan University of Technology Joint Laboratory. The center is located at Zhuhai, the headquarter of Yinlong Energy and the joint lab is subject to it.1.jpg

“Planting the plane tree, and the golden phoenix will be attracted.” The cooperation between Yinlong and Wuhan university of technology is a new step in technological innovation by dint of our core strength.

Powerful combination University and enterprise build “research and development center”

Wuhan University of Technology is one of the first batch of national key universities under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education listed in the national 211 Project double First-class key construction plan. It has the leading advantages in science, technology and talents in the three major industries of material, automobile and transportation and the technological field of strategic emerging industries. On the basis of complementary advantages and cooperative development, Wuhan University of Technology provides Yinlong with strong all-round support of science and technology and talents, and Yinlong provides a scientific research platform and training base for Wuhan University of Technology. Through the effective integration of school and enterprise resources,  jointly build an integrated cooperation platform for researching and producing. 


Chen Xiaofang, dean of Wuhan University of Technology, said that management reform and scientific and technological revolution are the source of the world's progress, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation can only be realized with the help of science, technology and management. At present, the competition between enterprises is the competition of technological progress level and technological innovation ability, and a strong R&D team is an important guarantee for enterprises to maintain strong competitiveness in technological innovation. In terms of the incubation and implementation of scientific research projects, colleges and universities must go out of laboratories and schools to cooperate with enterprises and connect with the market, as a hope to make contributions to the country and the prosperity and development of the motherland through further in-depth cooperation with Yinlong.

Mutual assistance, cooperation, development brings mutual benefit.

The University-enterprise R&D Center of Yinlong Energy-Wuhan University of Technology focuses on relevant research in the field of new energy vehicles, including 12 fields such as the r&d of efficient charging technology for electric vehicles, the development of key materials for energy storage batteries, and in the future other fields will also expand according to demands. In addition, relying on Yinlong's dominant position in the industry, both of them will jointly develop standards related to new energy vehicles and supporting lithium batteries, so as to standardize the industry market, form industry competitive advantages and guide benign competition.


The establishment of the research center enables the win-win cooperation goal of sharing resources between both sides to be realized.  The R & D center  make it possible to establish a working mechanism and operation mode combining industry, education and research, promote the technological innovation and development of Yinlong, and realize the transformation of scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, the r & D center is conducive to improving the quality of innovative talents training, enhancing the awareness of technical innovation and the confidence and ability of technical innovation, enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise, and helping the enterprise to achieve great economic benefits. In addition, the establishment and construction of the center will also lay a good scientific research foundation for Yinlong to apply for the state key laboratory of national Enterprise Technology Center.

Focusing on the future technology and science leads the development of the industry

The 2020 Government report pointed out that we should improve the capacity of scientific and technological innovation to steadily support basic research and applied basic research, guide enterprises to increase investment in r&d investment and speed up the construction of national laboratories, restructure the system of state key laboratories, and develop social research and development institutions. Entering the second decade of the 21st century, science and technology play an increasingly important role in promoting economic and social development. As the core driving force of scientific and technological progress, innovation is a key factor for enterprise development and progress.


Referring to the international standard construction of the new energy automobile industry, Yinlong has established a few experimental platforms with independent testing and analysis capabilities, Yinlong Testing Center.  Based on the complete scientific system of Yinlong Testing Center, the University-enterprise Research and Development Center of Yinlong Energy-Wuhan University of Technology has established Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile & AMP; the Joint Laboratory of Wuhan University of Technology is committed to building a first-class laboratory in the industry.


All the time, Yinlong insists on promoting development by science and technology, accelerating the pace of technological innovation and industrial upgrading, adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, and continuously carrying out technological innovation and transformation. Yinlong has established 6 research institutes and 1 technology center in the world, and international scientific and technological cooperation base, Guangdong Strategic emerging industrial base, industry-University-research demonstration base and other R&D platforms. Not long ago, Guangdong Energy Vehicle Safety and Energy Conservation Engineering Research Center, which relies on Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Yinlong Energy, was recognized as The Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province.


Scientific and technological innovation supports the development of enterprises. The joint development center with Wuhan University of Technology is another attempt and expansion of Yinlong energy in university-enterprise cooperation. Yinlong Energy will make a new step in scientific and technological innovation research and development, continue to translate scientific research achievements into productivity, and help the new energy industry to develop well in the future.

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