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Manufactured in China Yinlong pure electric forklift went abroad and entered Thai market

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Date:2020-08-06  Article Source:

"Savadica, Kunkunka!" Recently, Yinlong pure electric forklift went abroad and settled in a well-known Thai company for stacking and moving goods in the warehouse. Along with the exoticism, there is pride and joy brought by products made in China.


Superior performance has won the market

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the fields involved in products are also expanding. With the advantages of low noise, zero emissions, easy maintenance, safety and reliability, the market share of pure electric forklifts has grown rapidly. 


The relevant person in charge of the Thai company said: "Yinlong is a very professional new energy company. We believe in Yinlong's technology and China's technology, so we decided to start the cooperation with Yinlong from the forklift business."



Yinlong pure electric forklift has the core advantages of high safety, fast charging, long service life, 8-year ultra-long warranty, highly intelligent electronic control system, high-efficiency battery management system and APP remote detection. This time, Thai customer purchased two star models of Yinlong pure electric forklifts: counterbalanced forklifts and stacker forklifts.


Yinlong counterbalanced balanced forklift in elegant red and deep black color, plus waterproof design, is one of the indispensable equipment for pallet transportation and container transportation. The turning radius of 1.9-2.1 meters meets the operation requirements of handling, stacking and turning in a limited space; it has strong power and strong climbing ability, and can be widely used in warehouses, logistics distribution centers, airports, ports and other freight places. 


The Yinlong stacker forklift is compact and flexible, which greatly improves the efficiency of cargo access. It is suitable for use in a small space. It can be used for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation operations for pieces of goods, which can be widely used in processing and manufacturing, automobile home appliance production, logistics and other industries.


Enterprise responsibility highlights made-in-China

Manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, is the foundation of the country. Made-in-China is undergoing a transformation from high speed to high quality, from OEM to self-innovation, from simple repetition to intelligent manufacturing, which will benefit the whole world and reinterpret the true meaning of "made in China".



With stable performance, strong power and convenient operation, the Yinlong pure electric forklift meets many customers demand. They said, there is no exhaust gas, the work is more comfortable and happier.The company uses the silver dragon pure electric forklift truck, the operation is much simpler than the oil forklift truck, the more complex the road conditions, the more obvious its advantages.


With the continuous development of manufacturing industry, products made in China is showing a better and more professional aspect on the world stage. The person in charge of the Thai enterprise said that Yinlong Energy is the first choice for the cooperation with Chinese manufacturing enterprises. It is hoped that we can have in-depth cooperation with Yinlong in such fields as energy storage, logistics vehicle and even electric bus to achieve a win-win situation.


Yinlong pure electric forklift "travels" to Thailand, which means the customer affirm the Yinlong brand again! In the process of enterprise transformation and development, Yinlong keeps pace with the era, always adheres to the combination of independent innovation and high-quality development, and strives courageously on the road of intelligent manufacturing.

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