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China Bus network user satisfaction survey: Dangdang cars help Hongya to build a “new card”

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Date:2020-08-06  Article Source: China Buses

Influence is a continuous force. Every year in China's bus industry, there are always some people, some cars and some things influencing the development of the industry. China Bus Network User satisfaction survey takes the front-line practitioners of bus operation as the survey group to find out the influencing gene in China's bus industry.



Brand: Yinlong Energy

User: Hongya Bus Group,Meizhou ,Sichuan

Model: Yinlong Energy 10.5m Vintage Dangdang bus

Purchase date: July 2019

location: Hongya County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province


Investigation details

Meishan, a prefectural-level city in Sichuan province, is named after Mount Emei. Hongya County, located at the southwest edge of Sichuan Basin, is under the jurisdiction of Meishan City. Within its jurisdiction, there is Qiliping Tourist Resort, Liujiang ancient town, Wawu Mountain National Forest Park. Thanks to its rich tourism resources, Hongya county has been selected as the best leisure tourism destination in China and awarded the title of "National Garden county" by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

In August 2019, with the crisp sound, the retro vintage dangdang car (hereinafter referred to as the trolley car), which looks like the old Beijing streetcar with its dark green body, arrives on the streets of Hongya County. Full of retro charm and modern connotation, the trolley bus, as a new 5 special bus line, has attracted many people to watch and experience.


Recently, the team of China Bus Network user satisfaction survey conducted a user satisfaction survey of Hongya Bus Company (hereinafter referred to as "Hongya Bus") in Meizhou, Sichuan province, to listen to the real feedback of first-line bus users.

Founded in June 2017, Hongya Bus is a state-owned enterprise and is now under the control of Hongya County, Meizhou city, Sichuan Province. At present, the company has 41 vehicles, all of which are new energy vehicles. According to Longkai, technology manager of hongya's public transport, the company purchased five Yinlong Energy 10.5-meter trolley cars in July 2019 and put them into operation in August, mainly in hongya county's special tourist line

These years, Hongya prefecture has built lots of leisure tourism spots. In order to incorporate the newly added scenic spots into the bus line and improve the coverage of urban bus service, Hongya Bus plans to build a special tourist line, and comes up with the idea of purchasing characteristic tourist buses, which has greatly meet people’s commuting needs. The appearance of yinlong Energy vintage bus has made it come true.

With the improvement of living standard, the grade of public transportation service also needs to be improved correspondingly. The characteristic tourist bus is the first consideration when the company buys cars. Yinlong vintage dangdang car has a unique appearance, with both retro amorous feelings and modern connotation, which makes people shine at the moment, and it is also very consistent with the image of a tourist city. Longkai said that before the purchase, the company had also investigated the operation of the dangdang cars in Beijing, Chengdu and other places. After viewing the excellent performance of the trolley cars, the company decided to buy it.


Long Kai introduces, the trolley car is mainly put into operation in Hongcheng scenic bus line. Open the car window, you can hear the shrinking in the stadium, enjoy the pleasant scenery of Tianxi Waterscape Park, and feel the cool wind blowing from the zikou of the old Alley of Guansheng Street. Riding the trolley cars and enjoy a panoramic view of the retro trolley cars decorated with three grille glass in turquoise matte light, which blend perfectly into a flowing landscape.

The trolley car has been in operation for nearly one year since it was put into operation in August 2019. Talking about its performance, Long Kai said: the overall performance of the vehicle is excellent, and there are few problems, which are particularly popular with tourists. Many tourists will regard the trolley car as a scenic spot, and taking photos is a routine operation. Nowadays, the trolley car has become a new name card of urban bus tourism.”



Brand image

Different from the square shape of traditional bus, the ingenious shape design of Yinlong bus stands out in China's bus industry and gradually evolves into one of the core competitiveness of the enterprise.  According to the cultural characteristics of different cities, Yinlong Energy vintage trolley car can be customized as theme cars, creating a characteristic car culture and realizing “a city a car; a scene a culture”. The trolley car serves the scenic spots of tourist cities and other places, and brings different romance and surprise to passengers on the journey. High appearance and cultural attributes of the vintage dang Dang car and Hongya public transport’s aiming to create a well-known tourism city happened to coincide.

Survey conclusion

Hongya County is a county with tourism and cultural resources as its core competitiveness. Good transportation experience and tourists' public praise are the key factors to enhance the popularity of local tourism. Yinlong energy vintage dangdang car with unique appearance and design has become the best choice for Hongya public transportation. In the operation of Hongya County in nearly one year, the trolley car stands out from the crowd for its rich cultural connotation and has won the public's real praise. To some extent, the trolley car has become the new name card of a tourist city.

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