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Yinlong "Hulk" Runs into Jiuzhaigou National Park

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The Jiuzhaigou national park was reopened in April. On the first snowy day, the Yinlong Energy "hulk" bus arrived in this fairy tale world with 694 tourists.

The Yinlong "hulk" bus resumed operation on April 1,shuttling between the county seat, Jiuzhaigou and Zhangzha town, providing safe and comfortable transportation service for passengers and residents. The first May Day holiday after the epidemic is about to begin.


Enjoy the ice and snow story of Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou is in the most wonderful season of the year, Long sea, colorful pool and other high-altitude scenic spots, is a fairy tale world after the spring snow; the low-altitude spots are full of life.

Yinlong Energy "hulk" bus is the first pure electric bus introduced by Jiuzhaigou in 2019. It is also the first batch of new energy buses in aba prefecture, which is of symbolic significance to environmental protection of this area.


Yinlong Energy bus is known as the "hulk" by local residents because of its green body. It is equipped with LTO power battery with wide operation temperature range. It can still operate stably under the ultra-low temperature environment of -50 ℃, and has the strength and endurance like "hulk".


As we all know, in the low temperature environment, the general power battery cannot be charged and discharged normally at -5℃, so it needs to be charged and discharged by heating the battery." On the first snowy day, I thought the buses would stop running and I was worried about not being able to get to the scenic spot," said a staff of the scenic spot. But 'hulk' is really strong, and did not delay. The new buses make our commuting easier. It's comfortable and quiet."

Welcome the May

After two years of reconstruction after the earthquake, the beauty of Jiuzhaigou has been restored as usual.

During the May Day holiday last year, people received the notice that "Jiuzhaigou is still in the reconstruction, so please do not go there". However, during the May Day holiday this year, people finally came to Jiuzhaigou.5.jpg

At present, the scenic spot is under the operation of "time-sharing, segmentation-sharing and triage", with less than 1,000 tourists every day and less than 60 tourists for each scenic spot. The Yinlong Energy "Hulk" bus was slowly running on the road to Jiuzhaigou with the beautiful scenery along the way.


In order to welcome the first May Day holiday, Yinlong Energy "Hulk" vehicle adopts all-round maintenance, testing the system carefully, in advance to find and eliminate the safety hazard.

"During the May Day holiday, we will carry out road rescue, troubleshooting, and other quick response and implementation," said Mr.Zhang, who is in charge of the after-sales service in this area. "we will help Jiuzhaigou to welcome tourists by servicing vehicles and preparing emergency supplies in advance."


In May, Jiuzhaigou, will present a busy scene of seasonal change, the mountains and forests may be in winter, the long sea may not yet thaw, the foot of the mountain may be a picture of early spring.

Yinlong Energy "hulk" bus uses its power to protect the fairytale world and present the beauty of Jiuzhaigou to tourists.


Some of the photos are from Sichuan Cultural Tourism, if there is infringement, please contact delete.

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