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China Automotive News | Yinlong Bus Services for Anji’s Green Development

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Date:2020-06-06  Article Source: China Automotive News

Today, China Automotive News published the article " Yinlong Bus Services for Anji’s Green Development" which noticed that "As a member of green development, the Yinlong bus service for Anji with its strength."                              


The original text reads:

At the end of March, the General Secretary visited Anji, Zhejiang again." From the name of Anji, I think of harmony between man and nature, harmony between man and man, harmony between man and economic development. "As a once famous industrial village, Anji Yu Village has become a demonstration sample of the development theory of "Environment is the treasure".

The comprehensive use of environmentally friendly new energy bus is one of the important measures of green development in Anji County. In March, after introducing Yinlong vintage bus twice, Anji introduced Yinlong micro bus again, which service for Anji mountain area to improve the travel satisfaction of the masses and tourists. As a member of lucid waters and green mountains development, Yinlong contributes to the green development of Anji.


  Promotes ecological economic development

In 2019, Yu village achieved a total rural economic income of 279.6 million yuan, receiving 900,000 tourists, and the village collective economic income increased from 910,000 yuan in 2005 to 5.21 million yuan.


Retro modeling, imitation leather seats, brown floor, antique steering wheel......With the excellent performance of green and environmental protection, unique appearance and the inherent quality of gathering technology, the Yinlong vintage bus not only provides a convenient way for the people and tourists of Anji, brings benefits for the green ecological economic development of Anji, but also becomes a beautiful and unique scenery in Anji.

  People are sitting on the bus; buses are running on the panting

In recent years, Anji has made great efforts to develop the green industry and develop the all-area tourism integrating homestay, high-end tourism complex and characteristic towns. At present, a good ecological industrial system has been preliminarily formed. In the face of the May Day holiday after the epidemic, Yinlong pure electric vehicles are also ready to welcome tourists from all over the country and help the development of Anji's tourism industry.

With the operation of retro buses gradually stabilizing, Anji  Public Transport Service Co., Ltd. decided to introduce another 56 Yinlong micro buses in 2020.This batch of Yinlong micro bus is 8 meters long, slightly shorter than the normal bus, light and fast, very suitable for mountainous areas and other narrow roads, which can effectively improve the traffic capacity of Anji.


Anji, as one of the first "National Regional Tourism Demonstration Zones", is Top 1 in the list of 2019 Top 100 counties with comprehensive tourism strength. This landscape city is unique in all seasons. With the advantages of low-carbon, environmental protection, safety, efficiency, quiet and comfortable operation, it is wonderful to see the beautiful scenery of Anji in Yinlong buses.

Together with the epidemic prevention to protect the safety

While actively preventing and controlling the epidemic, Anji has carried out various cultural activities and taken measures to speed up the recovery of the tourism industry. Relevant data show that during the Qingming Holiday, the county received 253,000 tourists, with a total tourism revenue of 394 million yuan. The situation improved significantly, boosting confidence for the next recovery to restore normal.

May Day is coming, the pent-up demand for tourism needs to be released urgently. "We always put the health and safety of passengers and employees in the first place, bus disinfection and ventilation are important, temperature detection, health protection measures such as wearing masks, and carry out the daily control and vehicle safety monitoring with Yinlong Energy."

It is understood that in order to assist major cities to resume normal operation of public transport, Yinlong Energy in April launched the "2020 Spring Vehicle Service Activities", all-round maintenance for Yinlong buses including Anji bus. From routine maintenance to 12 systems, 51 professional in-depth inspection and maintenance, in advance to identify and eliminate possible safety hazards in the vehicle, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle. Liu Chunming expressed great recognition of this service, and said that the company gave Yinlong "together to prevent the epidemic, to protect the safety" flag to express gratitude.  


 The tension brought by the epidemic, walking into the clear water and green mountains felt that life had returned to be better.

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