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Yinlong won the second prize in science and technology of Guangdong Province

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In January 2017, Yinlong attended the working conference of 2016 Guangdong science and technology awards review committee.

As the participant of the 863 project " Research and application of key technology for large capacity energy storage system ", Yinlong Energy won the second prize of 2016 Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award. Meanwhile, Yinlong Energy won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Southern Power Grid in 2016.


  Technology innovation breaks through industry bottlenecks


Yinlong’s award project innovatively proposed integrated ESS design covering energy conversion system, battery system, BMS, and monitoring system, designed a total solution of large capacity Li-ion battery (LTO battery) energy storage station, developed the world's 1st 10KV high-efficiency (98.3%), high-capacity (2MW) and fast dynamic response (less than 2ms) ESS & conversion device, improved the consistency of the battery pack with multi-level series and parallel, enhanced the grid connection efficiency of the ESS.

At the same time, Yinlong proposed four-level stratified homogeneity methods for the ESS including inter-module level, module-to-module level, inter-phase level and phase-to-phase level as well as the inter-phase and phase-to-phase stratified homogeneity control technology that based on the fundamental voltage deflection method and the zero sequence voltage injection method, realized the fast, comprehensive and effective dynamic equilibrium for the high capacity ESS, the graded coefficient between single cell voltage is not greater than 3%, effectively improved the energy utilizing efficiency.

The research results of the project are successfully applied to the demonstration project of Shenzhen Baoqing battery energy storage station. The operation results show that the energy storage power plant is operated safely and stably with response time not more than 10ms and 90% comprehensive efficiency.


Core technology with a broad market prospects

It is worth mentioning that the Shenzhen Baoqing energy storage power station demonstration project participated by Yinlong Energy is China's first megawatt-class battery energy storage station and the world's first 10KV battery storage station connect directly to the grid without transformer. Like a super charger, it is a rapid charge and discharge system composed of LTO single batteries, playing three important roles for the grid—smooth out intermittent power supply power fluctuations, reduce the peak and valley load difference and increase the backup capacity, realized a four-level equilibrium system, with great market application prospects


The application of this achievement is a major innovation in the field of large-scale battery energy storage, which can provide technical support for the design, construction and operation of large-capacity battery energy storage station. It is of great significance to promote the development of China' smart grid and the new energy scale consumption and energy structure optimization, with prominent economic & social benefits and promotion application prospects, reaching the international advanced level on energy conversion and battery balance control technology.

The successful application of the project and the award are highly approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department and China Southern Power Grid, which fully shows that the LTO battery of Zhuhai Yinlong Energy is of great significance on the application of energy storage field.

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