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2017 SVIEF: Yinlong Energy Won the Sino-US Cross Border Innovation Award

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Date:2017-07-26  Article Source:

On July 15, 2017 Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (Beijing) was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. Familiar scholars from Stanford, Columbia, Berkeley and the University of Southern California, NASA Ames Research Center of Quantum AI laboratory scientists and Microsoft, IBM and Nvidia and other giant executives and core scientific research personnel gathered in Beijing, using "Wisdom Future, Green Health "as the theme, and discussing about future of the automobile, global health, advanced technology and Silicon Valley venture of Sino-US cross-border four major global topics. Yinlong debut in this new energy summit and demonstrated achievements in green transportation field, while won the Cross Border Innovation Award.

Adhere to green development; achieve environmental, social and economic benefits 

2017 SVIEF(Beijing)

At the opening ceremony of this event and the global future automobile summit, Wang Huaibin, deputy general manager of Yinlong Energy Tianjin Industrial Park, made a speech on "How green transportation changes the form of social transportation ". He said that green transportation is not only referring to the transport, but also containing how to achieve the exchange and integration of social resources. At present, for most travel mode of 50 km, people will choose bus or private car, for 200 km, they will choose fuel passenger cars, for 800 km or more, they can choose high-speed rail, urban rail and airplane, which built a three-dimensional traffic pattern of green traveling with car as the capillaries, railway as the main artery, airplane as the main line. Daily activities or traffic range for most people is about 50 km or less.

Deputy General Manager of Yinlong Energy Tianjin Industrial Park Wang Huaibin’s speech

Wang Huaibin said Yinlong master the world's leading lithium titanate technology and wet nano-materials manufacturing process. On this basis, Yinlong focus on the green industry, especially green bus area, and carried out a global layout, therefore, Yin Long shoulder is to adhere to the responsibility of green development, to achieve in the environment, social benefits , And the unity of economic benefits. Therefore, Yinlong has adhered to the responsibility of green development, to achieve in the environment, social benefits on the basis of unity with the economic benefits.

Intelligent manufacturing promote the green development, five major advantages carry a green future

It's impossible to produce first-class products without good production lines in industry and manufacturing field. With the core technology and equipment, Yinlong is making a layout for the whole China, in addition to the existing Zhuhai, Handan and Shijiazhuang Zhongbo Industrial Park, the current Tianjin, Chengdu, Lanzhou and Nanjing Industrial Park are already stepping up construction. Wang Huaibin said that Tianjin Industrial Park will be planned to achieve the trial production of passenger cars at the end of this August, and will be the production of power battery trial production at the end of September.

Yinlong Energy Won the Cross Border Innovation Award

Wang Huaibin said Yinlong master advanced technology of lithium titanate nanometer material process; Yinlong batteries can meet the needs from market in fast charge, resistance to wide temperature, long life, high security, and high efficiency performance advantage.

Wang Huaibin states that Yinlong titanium battery has advantages of charge and discharge in high rate, 6 minutes fast charge. In addition, Yinlong titanium battery also has an advantage of long life, the cycle of ordinary power battery is 3000-5000 times, Yinlong titanium battery can reach more than 30,000 times.

In the market and safety performance aspects, due to the different routes of battery itself, so that the battery charge and discharge and collision, puncture, high-altitude fall, flooding and other tests do not produce any internal deformation, so no combustion or explosion will happen. At the same time, Yinlong titanium battery can adapt to a very wide temperature range from -50 ℃ to +60 ℃ , it can be normal charged and discharged, which is not available for ordinary lithium-ion battery. This is also a core advantage of Yinlong titanium battery.

Based on support from above advantages, the pure electric bus assembled Yinlong titanium battery can achieve 1: 1 operating efficiency with the traditional bus. Because Yinlong titanium battery has a long life advantage, you can continue to apply to the home and the field of public energy storage, for conventional power battery, its environmental advantages is also very obvious.

Business model starts quartet win-win, intelligentized monitoring services green transportation

Currently, public transportation has become the third problem for urban development and management, how can enterprises solve it? Wang Huaibin said that Yinlong is through the construction of three models to support the green development. First of all, Yinlong realizes quality through the technical model, five major technical advantages and industrialization. The second is to use financial models, both to meet the energy-saving emission reduction, government does not need to be responsible for vehicle replacement, and government will enjoy zero debt, zero investment, zero Risk, zero liability. Finally, through the technical model and financial model to build an innovative business model, to achieve the government, public transport, car prices, financial quartet win-win situation.

Considering about the future development of the city, Yinlong is not only to service transportation, but also hope to achieve changes and advances in the green transportation through the changes in management. Wang Huaibin said, Yin Long realizes the application and popularization of city bus integrated management platform through the "Internet +" and the concept of IOV(internet of vehicle). Yinlong pure electric bus using GPS positioning and integrated management system to manage the operation, safety, energy consumption, maintenance and other aspects of the bus, it also can achieve detection for the charging station and charging process. Bus operators only need to download APP through the Internet of Things platform to monitor and manage the overall operating conditions of buses. Wang Huaibin also said, Yinlong Energy has been achieved the extension from green industry to service green transportation, this platform will provide more support for pure electric vehicle (bus) industry in the future.

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