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Gree Altairnano’s Residential Energy Storage System Debuts at Solar & Storage LIVE UK

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Date:2023-10-20  Article Source:

From October 17th to October 19th, Solar & Storage LIVE UK (hereinafter referred to as "Storage LIVE UK") was held at the NEC International Exhibition Center in Birmingham. Gree Altairnano’s residential energy storage systems have become one of the most popular new products at the Storage LIVE UK with multiple highlights such as ultimate safety, high-efficiency fast charging, ultra-low cold resistance, intelligent interconnection, flexible adaptation, etc. Together with Gree Altairnano series batteries at the same exhibition, they  provide a full-scenario green energy solution and build a beautiful picture of green and low-carbon life.

In recent years, the severe energy crisis has had a sustained impact on the global economy, while at the same time, the continuous advancement of the global low-carbon economy and sustainable development trend has led more and more countries to focus on the use and storage of renewable energy. With the continuous improvement of energy storage technology, more and more countries have begun to promote use of energy storage systems in households and communities. In many European countries, energy storage systems have become an important supplement to household electricity supply, providing stable power support for families and helping them reduce electricity costs.

As the world's largest market for home energy storage, in 2022 the newly installed home energy storage capacity in Europe was 5.68GWh, accounting for 36.4% of the global market. Its cumulative installed capacity is more than 10GWh, which has huge development potential. In such a background, for home users, the use of renewable energy, rational utilization of energy storage systems gradually becomes a rigid demand in daily life.

The Gree Altairnano residential energy storage systems, which debuted at Storage LIVE UK, have two categories: single-phase and three-phase, providing multiple customized options for different customers. Reportedly, Gree Altairnano uses intrinsically safe LTO batteries for home energy storage, and the system has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of durability and safety. "We hope to redefine the ultimate experience of safe energy storage through the LTO residential energy storage system!" stated a person in charge from Gree Altairnano.

The Gree Altairnano residential energy storage system perfectly combines energy storage battery systems, photovoltaic and other new energy generation systems with the city's electricity supply. Through the conversion of photovoltaic and other new energy sources into electricity, power can be used and stored, achieving self use of residential generated energy. It creates a smart grid home service platform for clean power generation & safe power storage, which has a profound impact on ensuring the economy and safe use of electricity in daily life. On the other hand, the Gree Altairnano residential energy storage system supports multi-machine parallel capacity expansion, covering energy storage needs ranging from 5.6 to 44.8 kWh. The on-off grid switching rate is less than 20 Ms. Whether it is for daily home energy consumption or as emergency backup for families, the system can provide users with flexible, convenient, long-lasting, and safe green clean energy protection.

“With it, you have the most cost-effective power supply solution, including self use of home-generated power, emergency backup, and grid connection with redundant power! For ordinary customers, safety is the most important!” Gree Altairnano batteries break through the innate limitations of graphite working as negative electrode. LTO batteries have self-protection function. In the event of a short circuit, the batteries can change from conductive phase to high resistance phase, which to some extent suppresses thermal runaway. At the same time, the system has battery over-voltage and over-current, short circuit and leakage protection functions, comprehensively ensuring the stable operation of household energy storage.

The improvement of low-temperature resistance is also the biggest highlight of Gree Altairnano’s residential energy storage products, which have the ability to fully charge and discharge in the ultra-low temperature range of -20 ℃. Equipped with an IP65 waterproof rate, even when installed outdoors, it can easily cope with extreme cold weather and provide more stable home energy. “Gree Altairnano’s home energy storage system gave a deep impression to me. Although winter in UK is very cold, this Chinese home energy storage product allows every household to use and store renewable energy year-round. It is an essential energy storage device for energy saving and emission reduction.”


“On site, the staff used their mobile phones to show us how to control and monitor this home energy storage system. The intelligence and convenience brought by energy digitization shocked me greatly! " Gree Altairnano’s energy storage system is integrated with a hybrid inverter module, bringing a simple and beautiful integrated appearance. It takes an area of only 0.15 square meters and has intelligent control for multiple working modes, flexibly achieving power dispatch, storage, and load management, perfectly integrated into the home atmosphere; plug and play, achieving single person handling of the entire machine and quick installation in 30 minutes, avoiding inconvenient issues such as on-site power distribution installation, messy wiring, and debugging many components. It can provide sufficient power for residential compartments, houses, and other household areas. It can also be used as emergency power supply in areas prone to natural disasters, providing stable power support for areas with unstable power or isolated off-network islands.

With industry-leading innovative technology, cutting-edge exterior design, and significant breakthroughs in low temperature resistance, high safety, etc., Gree Altairnano’s residential energy storage system has received high attention and widespread praise from industry professionals and participants in the Storage LIVE, becoming one of the most eye-catching products on site.

Basing on residential green energy use, Gree Altairnano provides safe, low-carbon green energy solutions for global household users. In the future, it will continue to serve end customers with safer, more convenient, more comfortable products, letting green energy benefit more households

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