Pure electric bus Innovative Business mode+

High quality electric bus depends on battery; high quality battery depends on material. The sustained and healthy development of new energy industry depends on business mode.

  • High safety
  • Zero risk
  • Asset-light
  • High efficiency
Commercial cases for YINLONG ENERGY pure electric bus
  • Zero purchase

    To realize the initial zero investment of bus purchase and relieve the one-time payment pressure of local finance.

  • Ten year lease

    The bus pays the rent in the form of financial leasing, and pays the car by installments in ten years. The difference between the oil and electricity can meet the rent payment amount.

  • Ten year guarantee

    Silver Dragon provides ten - year warranty for batteries, motors and electronic control systems, and provides 24 - hour, all day, babysitting service.

  • Vehicle replacement

    Provide spare vehicles to ensure that the operation is not affected.

  • Win-win situation
    Government: zero burden of vehicle procurement, the government does not need new funds and land inputs to ease the financial burden, speed up upgrading and energy-saving emission reduction issues;
    Public transport: not increase operating costs, create substantial revenue, change the situation of loss management, and complete the replacement of vehicles;
    Car prices: to achieve product sales, accelerate capital withdrawal, expansion of production capacity, and promote technological innovation and industrial development;
    Finance: the realization of multi-channel investment funds, access to security, stability, sustainability, good capital gains.
The financial leasing mode pays rent to the leasing company on schedule

Electric cars, instead of traditional cars, produce oil (gas) differentials, save traditional car power, system maintenance fees, and traditional car purchases, which basically cover rental spending.
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Leading world core technology "lithium titanate" battery technology

In 2010, silver long Strategic Holdings USA nano titanium Technology Co., Ltd., at one fell swoop into the international capital markets, control of the world's top production technology of lithium titanate materials.

  • 耐宽温 Wide temperature resistance-50℃ to +60℃
  • Long lifeCycle life up to 30000 times or more
  • High safetyNo fire, no explosion
  • Rapid charge6 minutes charge
High pressure and quick charging operation efficiency reaches 1:1

750V500ACharging, high and low voltage speed compatible, automatic identification. Save time: 1 high pressure fast filling pile is equal to 10 slow pile, up to 15 consecutive cars.
Space-saving space: only one-tenth of the parking spaces. Cost savings: only half of the total cost of 10 slow piles

— There are currently running kilometers —
The core of leasing
Rental fee: pay rental fee to leasing company on schedule, could be covered by the price difference between Oil (gas) and electricity, by traditional engine maintenance cost saving and complete bus purchase cost.
Configure the core
According to different customers operating environment and operational capacity, the distinction between the provision of aluminum body or vehicle electrophoresis keel, aluminum skin body, airbag shock, low floor, aluminum and magnesium alloy wheels and other personalized, comprehensive cost-effective configuration. According to the characteristics of bus operations, according to the line distance of the corresponding configuration of the corresponding battery capacity. So that the line distance, battery capacity, vehicle cost of the three were cost-effective to maximize the cost savings for customers operating costs.
Technical core
(With the core technology such as electrical and electronic control) Sufficient technical ability to ensure product quality. At the same time, currently in Zhuhai, 20 pure electric buses have been 3 years without trouble operation more than 300,000 km.
Safety Ensure safety operation without accident
New energy bus Sales quantity of new energy bus keeps increasing

Assuming that the price of pure electric vehicles is 1.2 million yuan, after deducting the state and provincial and municipal financial subsidies, the actual price (financing) is only 36 million. With Yin Long 10 years of leasing innovative business advantages, 10-year annual rent of only about 50,000 yuan / vehicle. Greatly reducing the customer's car costs and pay pressure.

Oil difference calculation Click to enter the product center
parameter Fuel bus Yinlong pure electric bus
Day operating mileage (km) 300 300
100 km fuel consumption (liter) / power consumption (degrees) 36 100
Oil price (yuan / liter) price (yuan / degree) 5.3 0.6
Daily energy expenditure (yuan) 273 180
Annual difference in oil and electricity (million) 14.3
Ten years difference between oil and electricity (million) 143.4
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Diesel vehicles, LNG car normal life of about 8 years;
Yinlong electric car ten years of life (ten years warranty).

project unit price Depreciation age ten years total car fare ten years total car interest ten years total car / car rental costs
diesel bus $ 500,000 8 years $ 625,000 $ 250,000 $ 875,000
LNG bus $ 550,000 8 years 688,000 yuan 275,000 yuan $ 963,000
Yinlong pure electric bus / / $ 0 $ 0 $ 500,000
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Assuming the actual operation of the Beijing area in 2016, for example, three similar carrying capacity of diesel buses, LNG buses, Yinlong pure electric buses were compared. The results are as follows:

category daily mileage unit energy consumption day energy consumption fuel unit price annual energy consumption 10 years total energy consumption
diesel bus 300KM 36L / 100 km 108L $ 5.3 / L $ 20,000 $ 2.09 million
LNG bus 300KM 40m 3 / 100 km 120m 3 4.29 yuan / L 18.8 million $ 188,000
Yinlong pure electric bus 300KM 100kwh / hundred kilometers 300kwh 0.6 yuan / kwh $ 65,000 $ 650,000
Contrast of premiums Click to enter the product center
category daily mileage unit premium year premium 10 years total premium
diesel bus 300KM 100 yuan / 100 km $ 11,000 $ 110,000
LNG bus 300KM 100 yuan / 100 km $ 11,000 $ 110,000
Yinlong pure electric bus 300KM 0 0 0

Ten years of operating cycle, the rent, car costs, energy consumption, peacekeeping premium overall analysis results

Through the 10-year cost of comparison, Yinlong pure electric bus than the traditional diesel bus to save the cost of 1.93 million yuan. Thus, through the analysis of the data model, the business model in line with the commercialization of the law.

parameter diesel bus LNG bus Yinlong pure electric bus
rent 0 million 0 million $ 500,000
car cost $ 8.8 million (including financing costs) $ 96 million (including financing costs) 0 million
energy consumption $ 2.09 million $ 188,000 $ 650,000
Premium $ 110,000 $ 110,000 0 million
total cost comparison $ 308 million $ 2.95 million $ 115 million

*In view of the actual operating data of each city are different, the above calculation for the model of the principle of analysis, but the conclusions consistent with the actual operating efficiency of the model.

In the past decade, domestic prices for diesel,gasoline,LNG & CNG increase twice over, annual average growth reaches maximum to 22.53%, although decreases in last 3 years, but is a short-time phenomenon. Fuel cost of bus is still climbing by big percentages, while electricity price keeps stably. It shows how significant benefits that YINGLONG pure electric bus will bring.
To construct society’s benefit of environmental protection, join hands to build ecological homeland.
Zero emission · Zero consumption · Zero pollution Annual amount of greenhouse gas reduces 800,000 tons
Commercial cases